Camcorder Battery LB-VWVBM10 Drypower 12V 2Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Valve Regulated (AGM Type)

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Multipurpose VRLA AGM batteries for superior service life and dependable performance. Designed for constant/float backup and light cycle use in security alarm...


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Multipurpose VRLA AGM batteries for superior service life and dependable performance.

Designed for constant/float backup and light cycle use in security alarm panels, emergency lighting, toys, test equipment, general electrics, automatic doors, marine power and more.

  • Industry leading 99.99% pure lead content for superior service life and dependable performance.
  • Thicker plate design & higher percentage of tin content compared with the industry standard to maximise battery standby life by minimising sulphation.
  • Suitable for use in any orientation (except inverted) for use in hard to reach or remote locations.
  • Maintenance free and non-spillable design for long service life.
  • 6V and 12V models available for consumer and industrial needs, from children’s ride on toys to medical monitoring equipment and more

Replaces now out of production Panasonic models LCS2312, LC-SA1222312AVBNC, LC-SA122R3BU, LC-SA122R3CU, LC-SA122R3EU, VW-VB30, VW-VB31, VW-VBM10, VW-VBM10E, VW-VBM1U, VW-VBM7E.


Product Details

Selling Unit EACH
Model No LB-VWVBM10
Inventory Code 46001-550PL
Original Brand National, Panasonic
Description Drypower 12V 2Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Valve Regulated (AGM Type)
Application Cyclic & Standby, Camcorder, Video, Medical Equipment
Chemistry Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Voltage 12V
Watt Hour 24.0Wh
Nominal Capacity 2Ah
Width 24mm
Height 61mm
Length / Breadth / Depth 182mm
Weight 714g
Outer Quantity 12
Data Sheet
Categories Portable Power Product
Batteries Secondary (Rechargeable)
Camcorder & Video Batteries
Sealed Lead Acid (SLA-VRLA) Batteries
SLA/AGM Backup & Main Power Batteries
Drypower Backup & Main Power



Suitable For:

Agilent Technologies 1275A Merlin Monitor
Agilent Technologies 1276A Merlin Monitor
Agilent Technologies 1277A Merlin Monitor
Artromick International Crash Cart (Slimline)
Artromick International Medication Cart (E-Series)
Canon CR-30A
Canon F1000S
Canon VC10
Canon VC10A
Canon VC20
Canon VC30
Canon VR10
Canon VR20A
Canon VR30
Canon VR40
Canon VR50
Chinon CV-765
Chinon CV-770
Chinon CV-C70
Chinon CV-T124
Chinon CV-T60
Chinon CV-T608
Chinon CV-T60G
Chinon CV-T65
Chinon CV-T7
Chinon CV-T70
Chinon CV-T72
Chinon CV-T73
Chinon CV-T74
Chinon CV-T80
Chinon CVC-800
Cobe Model 800 Baby Scale
Corning 340 OTDR Plus Multitester II
Critikon Inc 8700 Monitor
Critikon Inc 8700T Monitor
Critikon Inc 8710 Monitor
Critikon Inc 8720 Monitor
Critikon Inc Dinamap Compact TS
Curtis Mathes 768
Curtis Mathes 770
Curtis Mathes 772
Curtis Mathes 773
Curtis Mathes AV-800
Curtis Mathes BV-800
Curtis Mathes BV-880
Curtis Mathes CV-800
Curtis Mathes CV-820
Curtis Mathes HV-768
Curtis Mathes HV-770
Curtis Mathes HV-773
Curtis Mathes PV-800
Curtis Mathes QD00004
G.E. 1CVA125
G.E. 1CVA155
G.E. 1CVD3020X
G.E. 1CVD4020X
G.E. 1CVD4021
G.E. 1CVD5021
G.E. 1CVD5021X
G.E. 1CVD5022
G.E. 1CVD5023
G.E. 1CVD5024
G.E. 1CVD5025
G.E. 1CVD5025B
G.E. 1CVD5025X
G.E. 1CVD5026
G.E. 1CVD5027
G.E. 1CVD5028
G.E. 1CVD5028B
G.E. 1CVK5040
G.E. 1CVM8080
G.E. 1CVP4024
G.E. 1CVP5021
G.E. 1CVP5022B
G.E. 1CVP5022BX
G.E. 1CVP5024
G.E. 1CVP5026X
G.E. 1CVP5027
G.E. 1CVP5028B
G.E. 1CVP5030
G.E. 1CVP6022
G.E. 1CVP6024
G.E. 1CVP6026
G.E. 1CVP6028
G.E. 1CVP6030
G.E. 5036
G.E. 5200
G.E. 5424
G.E. 5426
G.E. 5428
G.E. 5430
G.E. 5440
G.E. 5442
G.E. 5740
G.E. 5747
G.E. 9-9605
G.E. 9-9606
G.E. 9-9607
G.E. 9-9608
G.E. 9-9610
G.E. 9-9805
G.E. 9-9806
G.E. 9-9807
G.E. 9-9808
G.E. 9-9809
G.E. 9-9810
G.E. 9-9815
G.E. CG-911
G.E. CG-9805
G.E. CG-9806
G.E. CG-9807
G.E. CG-9808
G.E. CG-9810
G.E. CG-9815
G.E. CG-9820
G.E. CG-9825
G.E. CG-9915
G.E. CG-9920
G.E. V-9607
Gambo Engstrom Model 800 Baby Scale
Invivo Research Inc Millennium 3500U
JC PENNEY 686-5100
JC PENNEY 686-5110
JC PENNEY 686-5111
JC PENNEY 686-5115
JC PENNEY 686-5116
JC PENNEY 686-5335
JC PENNEY 686-5340
JC PENNEY 686-5350
JC PENNEY 686-6016
JC PENNEY 855-8967
JC PENNEY 855-9163
JVC GS-1000
Magnavox 8292
Magnavox 8293
Magnavox 8380
Magnavox 8450
Magnavox 8474
Magnavox CV-5320
Magnavox CV-5320AV
Magnavox CVJ-310
Magnavox CVJ-312
Magnavox CVJ-320
Magnavox CVJ-322
Magnavox CVJ-340
Magnavox CVJ-350
Magnavox CVJ-360
Magnavox CVK-332
Magnavox CVK-342
Magnavox CVK-352
Magnavox CVK-610
Magnavox CVL-335
Magnavox CVL-345
Magnavox CVM-325
Magnavox VR-8208
Magnavox VR-8209
Magnavox VR-8245
Magnavox VR-829
Magnavox VR-8291
Magnavox VR-8292
Magnavox VR-8293
Magnavox VR-8294
Magnavox VR-8294AF
Magnavox VR-8298
Magnavox VR-8350
Magnavox VR-8356
Magnavox VR-8380
Magnavox VR-8400
Magnavox VR-8450
Magnavox VR-8451
Magnavox VR-8453
Magnavox VR-8454
Magnavox VR-8455
Magnavox VR-8456
Magnavox VR-8457
Magnavox VR-8462
Magnavox VR-8470
Magnavox VR-8471
Magnavox VR-8472
Magnavox VR-8474
Magnavox VR-8475
Magnavox VR-8480
Magnavox VR-8484
Magnavox VR-8485
Magnavox VR-8486
Magnavox VR-8570
Magnavox VR-8572
Magnavox VR-8585
Magnavox VR-8590
Magnavox VR-8592
Magnavox VR-9143
Magnavox VR-9240
Magnavox VR-9240AV
Magnavox VR-9244
Magnavox VR-9246
Magnavox VR-9246AV
Maquet Accutor Plus Monitor
Maquet Trio Patient Monitor
Medical Data Electronics E300 Monitor
Medical Data Electronics E300A Monitor
Medical Data Electronics Escort 20300 Monitor
Medical Data Electronics Escort 20301 Monitor
Medical Data Electronics Escort 2100 Monitor
Medical Data Electronics Escort 23000 Monitor
Medical Data Electronics Escort II Monitor 20100
Medical Data Electronics Escort II Monitor 20101
Medical Data Electronics Escort Prism EL
Minolta C-3300
NEC V-200
NEC V-300
NEC V-320
NEC V-400
NEC V-404U
Nellcor N180 Pulse Oximeter
Nellcor N185 Pulse Oximeter
Panasonic AFX12
Panasonic AG-160
Panasonic AG-170
Panasonic AG-180
Panasonic AG-180U
Panasonic AG-190
Panasonic AG-195
Panasonic AG-2400
Panasonic AG-400P
Panasonic AG-450
Panasonic AG-460
Panasonic AG-6400
Panasonic AG-7400
Panasonic AG-BP202
Panasonic AG-BP212DX
Panasonic AG-V50
Panasonic EB362
Panasonic NC-MS2
Panasonic NV-180
Panasonic NV-5100
Panasonic NV-5200
Panasonic NV-5350
Panasonic NV-5800
Panasonic NV-5810
Panasonic NV-5850
Panasonic NV-6110
Panasonic NV-8000
Panasonic NV-8100
Panasonic NV-8110
Panasonic NV-8484
Panasonic NV-8485
Panasonic NV-8500
Panasonic NV-8600
Panasonic NV-9000
Panasonic NV-9000A
Panasonic NV-9600
Panasonic NV-M10
Panasonic NV-M1000
Panasonic NV-M5
Panasonic NV-M7
Panasonic NV-M7EO
Panasonic NV-M7EW
Panasonic NV-M8000
Panasonic NV-M8PX
Panasonic NV-M9
Panasonic NV-MS1
Panasonic PK-802
Panasonic PK-805
Panasonic PK-903
Panasonic PK-956
Panasonic PK-957
Panasonic PK-958
Panasonic PK-959
Panasonic PK-973
Panasonic PK-975
Panasonic PK-976
Panasonic PK-980
Panasonic PV-200
Panasonic PV-210
Panasonic PV-220
Panasonic PV-2200
Panasonic PV-300
Panasonic PV-320
Panasonic PV-330
Panasonic PV-350
Panasonic PV-400
Panasonic PV-420
Panasonic PV-425
Panasonic PV-430
Panasonic PV-460
Panasonic PV-5110
Panasonic PV-515
Panasonic PV-520
Panasonic PV-5200
Panasonic PV-535
Panasonic PV-5350
Panasonic PV-540
Panasonic PV-5420
Panasonic PV-5440
Panasonic PV-545
Panasonic PV-550
Panasonic PV-555
Panasonic PV-565
Panasonic PV-5800
Panasonic PV-5810
Panasonic PV-5850
Panasonic PV-6110
Panasonic PV-630
Panasonic PV-645
Panasonic PV-650
Panasonic PV-660
Panasonic PV-8000
Panasonic PV-8100
Panasonic PV-8110
Panasonic PV-822
Panasonic PV-8400
Panasonic PV-8440
Panasonic PV-845
Panasonic PV-8484
Panasonic PV-8485
Panasonic PV-8500
Panasonic PV-8600
Panasonic PV-8650
Panasonic PV-9000
Panasonic PV-9600
Panasonic PV-9600A
Panasonic PV-M429
Panasonic PV-S350
Panasonic PV-S420
Panasonic PV-S430
Panasonic PV-S440
Panasonic PV-S445
Panasonic PV-S460
Panasonic PV-S535
Panasonic PV-S540
Panasonic PV-S545
Panasonic PV-S550
Panasonic PV-S565
Panasonic PV-S575
Panasonic PV-S585
Panasonic VN-5850
Pentax PVR-1100A
Philips CPJ-810
Philips CPJ-815
Philips CPK-834
Philips CVJ-360
Philips PRO.1
Philips VKR-2000
Philips VKR-6830
Philips VKR-6835
Philips VKR-6850
Philips VKR-6851
Philips VKR-6855
Quasar VE-551
Quasar VM-11
Quasar VM-11AC
Quasar VM-20
Quasar VM-20AC
Quasar VM-2100
Quasar VM-21AC
Quasar VM-22AC
Quasar VM-23AC
Quasar VM-24AC
Quasar VM-25AC
Quasar VM-26AC
Quasar VM-27AC
Quasar VM-28AC
Quasar VM-29AC
Quasar VM-34
Quasar VM-35
Quasar VM-37
Quasar VM-708
Quasar VM-709
Quasar VP-2100
Quasar VP-5400
Quasar VP-5430
Quasar VP-5440
Quasar VP-5441
Quasar VP-5442
Quasar VP-5450
Quasar VP-5451
Quasar VP-5452
Quasar VP-5740
Quasar VP-5741
Quasar VP-5742
Quasar VP-5744
Quasar VP-5747
Quasar VP-5750
Quasar VP-5751
Quasar VP-5756
Quasar VP-5757
Quasar VV-9404
Samsung SVE-27
Sears 5367
Sears 5368
Sears 53683
Sears 5369
Sears 53691
Sears 5370
Sears 53703
Siecor 340 OTDR Plus Multitester II
Siemens SC7000 External Battery
Siemens SC9000XL Portable/Monitor
Spacelabs 1030 Monitor
Spacelabs 1050 Monitor
Spacelabs 90203 Monitor
Spacelabs 90308 PC Express Monitor
Spacelabs 90309 PC Scout Monitor
Spacelabs 90351 Monitor
Spacelabs 90367 Monitor
Spacelabs 90369 patient monitor (two batteries required)
Spacelabs 90491 Module Housing
Spacelabs PC Scout Monitor
Survivalink Corp First Responder 9001
Survivalink Corp First Responder 9004
Sylvania VC-4511
Sylvania VC-4511SL01
Sylvania VC-4512
Sylvania VC-4513
Sylvania VC-4514
Sylvania VC-4515SL01
Sylvania VC-4520
Sylvania VC-4525
Sylvania VC-4527
Sylvania VC-4530
Sylvania VC-4540
Sylvania VC-4545
Sylvania VC-4546
Sylvania VCC-151
Sylvania VCC-152
Sylvania VCC-157
Sylvania VCC-159
Sylvania VCC-161
Sylvania VKC-242/AV
Toshiba 151

Compatible With:

Canon BP-10
Canon BP-100
Canon BP-10A
Canon BP-30
Canon BP-30A
Canon BP-31
Canon BP-32
Canon BT-30A
Chinon BP-80
Chinon CV-BP80
Chinon CV-BP82
Chinon CV-BP88
Dual Voltage DV1919-P
Empire EPP-100C
G.E. 1CVA125
G.E. 1CVA155
Magnavox AR8378BK01
Magnavox AR8390BK01
Magnavox V80039BK01
Magnavox V80086BK01
Maxell M1220
Panasonic AG-BP212
Panasonic AGBP212
Panasonic EPK1185
Panasonic LC-S2012
Panasonic LC-S2312
Panasonic LC-SA122R3BU
Panasonic LC-SA122R3CU
Panasonic LCS2312A
Panasonic LCTP1912AP
Panasonic PV-BP80
Panasonic PV-BP88
Panasonic PV-BP88-A
Panasonic PV-BP88-B
Panasonic VBVB30E
Panasonic VSBS0011
Panasonic VW-VB30
Panasonic VW-VB31
Panasonic VW-VBM10
Panasonic VW-VBM1U
Panasonic VW-VBM7E
Panasonic VWVBM10EN
Panasonic VWVBM7E
Philips 22AV5591
Philips AR8378BK01
Philips AR8395BK01
Philips SBC5215
Philips V80039BK01
Philips V80086BK01
Polaroid PR-1220LA
Powersonic PS1223
Quasar VE-257
Quasar VE-551
Quasar VE-551XE
Rosslare RS6500
Saft RC-1220
Saft RC-1221
Satter 06PN20
Sharp BT76
Strident AGM GP12-2.3C
Strident GP12-2.3C
Sylvania AR8378BK01
Sylvania AR8395BK01
Sylvania V80039BK01
Sylvania V80086BK01
Telepower TP-2312
Varta V12
Zenith VAC-905

Camcorder Battery LB-VWVBM10 Drypower 12V 2Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Valve Regulated (AGM Type)

$89.00 $109.00