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Get High-Performing Car Batteries in Sydney at Warehouse Prices

Find the right car batteries in Sydney for your battery needs at the lowest prices guaranteed! At Battery Brands Warehouse, we carry top-quality and high-performing car batteries from the leading manufacturers at warehouse prices. We stock every battery size so we can give you peace of mind on any battery purchase – from car batteries to heavy commercial batteries.

Shopping for car batteries in Sydney has never been so easy! We stock a range of batteries suitable for just about any vehicle or piece of machinery on earth. We sell car batteries in Sydney for trucks, SUVs, 4WDs, Jet skis, Motorboats, Caravans, Campsites, Golf carts, Alarms, NBN broadband and more. With our comprehensive range of automotive batteries, finding the correct battery for your vehicle is simple.

Our professionals are well-trained and certified to advise you on what type of battery is right for your needs. They are friendly and knowledgeable and will happily guide you through our range. We sell batteries at a fraction of the price.

Battery Brands Warehouse can serve all your needs for batteries! We are available seven days a week for assistance. Contact us today for more information.


How can I ship Car Batteries in Sydney?

Car batteries are on the list of prohibited and restricted items for shipping as they can be highly flammable if not treated right. This means that specific logistics companies can ship car batteries internationally, but the sender has to follow particular rules and regulations to deliver a car battery to another location. Even though sending a car battery via regular courier service may sound like the most convenient solution, you must ensure the company is specialised in transporting such dangerous or hazardous items.

Where in Sydney is your warehouse located?

We are located in the true centre of Sydney, just minutes from the M4 motorway and Homebush Olympic Park in a Granville industrial park.

Do you sell more than car batteries?

We sell much more than car batteries. We sell batteries for trucks, SUVs, 4WDs, Jet skis, Motorboats, Caravans, Camp sites, Golf carts, Alarms, NBN broadband and more

How do I select the right car battery replacement?

You need to consider the physical size for where it sits within your vehicle, recommended partner brands for your vehicle, reserve capacity, the age (check the manufacturing date) and the amount of cold-cranking amps.

What makes a good motorcycle battery?

Most cheaper batteries use thinner lead plates to keep the costs down. This means the battery will discharge at a faster rate, meaning it will require more charging cycles which ends up reducing the total life of the battery.


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