General Purpose

General Purpose

General Purpose

Are you looking for a quality brand of batteries? Battery Brands Warehouse at your service! We offer a wide range of batteries that you may need, such as for car, SUV, 4WD batteries, trucks batteries, bus batteries, heavy commercial batteries, motorcycle and jet skies batteries, boat and marine/deep cycle batteries, camping caravan batteries, lithium even golf cart mobility mowing LP and general purpose batteries.

Our general purpose batteries are made up of high-grade materials. We ensure that our products are extraordinarily durable and sturdy which can withstand even in the utmost condition, and don't worry about the safety of using general purpose batteries because we make sure that these products are safe to use.

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What are the indicators that I am having a battery problem?

  • 1. There is a click whenever you turn the key.
  • 2. Weak headlights
  • 3. Your engine is taking too slow to start.
  • 4. Connectors are corrosion.

    How long can my battery be stagnant?

    Good conditioned car batteries can stand 14 days without starting the car. But, it is suggested that if it will take some time before you use your car, starting it once a week is enough.

    Should I just throw away dead car batteries?

    No, throwing away your used battery can lead to poisoning. It can harm others as well as our environment. The best way to dispose of an old battery is to contact a car workshop or scrap metal dealers, they do recycling.

    Is it true that revving your engine will charge your car's battery quicker?

    Yes, because having your engine RPM (Revolution Per Minute) up the alternator will charge the battery at a faster rate.

    Are batteries on clearance fully charged?

    Yes, batteries from the clearance sale are already fully charged and ready to install. Remember to not accept the item if the seal is broken as it is an indicator of a new product that is already fully charged.

    The rating refers to the number of amps a 12-volt battery can deliver at 0°F for 30 seconds while maintaining a voltage of at least 7.2 volts.

    Why Buy From Us?

    A battery plays very important role in a vehicle and all manufacturers rely on different specifications.

    We always recommend to purchase a battery from a specialist or battery expert that can match your vehicles or equipment correctly to give the upmost performance, Reliability & trusted warranty.


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